Mandala Flow with Misako Matsuoka

Fridays, 12-1pm, beginning April 6th

Mandala flow yoga is a dynamic circular movement practice that warms the core, releases tightness in the back and opens the hips. Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle. Unlike vinyasa flow practices that are primarily linear and forward facing, in Mandala flow, we circulate organically in all directions. These circular and creative side to side movements mobilize and strengthen the feet and ankles.  From the feet, an upward spiral of motion flows into the hips and back, then ripples up the spine


Ananda Hour with Nicole Dydasco

Mondays and Wednesdays, 4:30-5:45pm

Why do you love happy hour? Do you like to relax, de-stress, socialize and feel good with friends? Here we will try to focus on similar sensations and sentiments. Through this exciting new series an emphasis will be placed on core, upper-body and back strength, while staying engaged in an active, playful and supportive environment. Enjoy an upbeat, heat-building class that will emphasize the use of breath to relax, asana to destress, with a focus on the sensation, strength, and a welcoming atmosphere. Feel free to enjoy that glass of wine after class. It will probably taste glorious in your rejuvenated state.