Nicole Dydasco

Yoga Instructor

Nicole’s bright eyes and wide smile are a welcome addition to our operations staff. With a bachelor’s degree in political science from Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington and twelve-months abroad studying international politics at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland, Nicole brings an extra dose of grounded, calm intelligence and friendly warmth to Team Dharma.

Nicole discovered yoga in 2008 when she and her husband were living in Santa Barbara, California. Working as a veterinary technician in a general practice, yoga was an antidote to stress and helped her to regroup from the challenges of work.

At the time her practice was primarily self-study but when Nicole, her husband and their fur-children relocated to the Bay Area three years ago, she began to study with Joanie Cartel. Joanie introduced her to yin yoga and to Samyama. Since then Nicole’s practice has blossomed and in 2015 she graduated from Samyama’s Dharma Path Teacher Training program and now holds the Yoga Alliance designation E200-RYT. Nicole bases her teaching philosophy in a simple truth: “ We all arrive on the mat with a different story,” she says. “As a teacher I hope to nurture both the physical and the mental journey.” As far as her personal journey goes, Nicole hopes to bring yoga to individuals from all walks of life. And if she can do that in the great outdoors? Even better. One of Nicole’s passions is unrolling her mat near a river or the ocean, where she enjoys the peace of a quiet practice.

When she’s not at Samyama, Nicole is at Adobe Animal Hospital where she continues to work as a Registered Veterinarian Technician in their surgery department. During their time off, she and her husband love traveling (so far ten countries and counting), camping and rock climbing.