Nicole Dydasco

Yoga Instructor

What started out as a home practice blossomed into a way of being. I am a proud graduate of Samyama’s teacher training with mentorship under John Berg, Anirudh Shastri, Ben Thomas, and Louis Jackson. Since then I have had additional Yin training in 2016 with Joanie Cartal, Misako Matsuoka, Bernie Clark, Paulie Zink, and Restorative training with Cyndi Lee.

Yoga has organically shifted from what was primarily a release of stress and anxiety to an everyday way of life. A way to be present living in my 'whatness' rather then just getting through each day on autopilot.

I am constantly inspired by my students through their stories, struggles, and achievements on their journey of life. Helping others live their yoga on and off the mat has cultivated a deep passion in me to be the best teacher I can be. Off the mat my inspiration for my personal life is to be the best mother and wife I can be for my family.

Teaching and helping others is my dharma. Through yoga and cultivating my practice; I was able to come to this realization. The opportunity to help someone else anywhere on this path to dharma, and sense of peace would be an honor.

As a yoga instructor, I bring a true love for teaching and practicing yoga while striving to bring my students the same immense benefits that yoga has brought to my own life. Although I am a yoga instructor by title, I feel that my intention in this role is to act as a mentor, guiding my students in applying yogic principles to everyday life. I try to instill in each of my students a sense that allows them to feel free to follow their own intuition within their practice to feeling better in both mind and body.

When I’m not teaching I love to spend my time outdoors, traveling, and practicing veterinary medicine.