Ngugi Kihara

Yoga Instructor

Ngugi’s love for yoga comes from his understanding of the effects of the practice on him, a practice that has helped Ngugi build a consistent sense of gratitude and happiness. Yoga, Ngugi believes, draws out our ability to be physically and emotionally honest. He says that with yoga we become sensitive to the connections we share with others. Our practice teaches us that there is more to the world than what we see with our eyes and it nurtures a deeper sense of compassion and presence. 

His work teaching yoga to children has taught him to be joyfully curious in his study of asana. The grounded vinyasa practice he brings to Samyama includes the foundations of what the practice means to him. It includes centering, grounding, controlled breathing and movement then finally the meditation that brings us home to our bliss body.

Originally from Kenya, Ngugi came to the US as an Engineering student. Yoga helped him find the deep connection he felt he had lost when he moved away from his home.