Michelle Booth

Yoga Instructor

Michelle's journey into yoga is rooted in a deep sense of healing and connection.  She has spent over a decade moving towards the betterment and uplifting of the human spirit.  Having traveled abroad to do human rights work, Michelle is committed to understanding our integral kinship.

Michelle’s love for “learning from the world” has brought her to trainings and teachings in Bali, New Zealand, and the Philippines.  A graduate of Samyama Yoga Center's 2015 Dharma Program, she attributes her growth to her brilliant instructors at SYC. 

Rooted in her commitment to healing, Michelle is expanding her learning and has returned to the classroom.  She is currently getting her Master’s in Counseling Psychology at CIIS; which focuses on social justice & transformation, liberation studies, and trauma-informed therapies.  

Michelle's yoga philosophy is based in the most fundamental of human connection: To make it inclusive.  She is committed to the betterment and wellness of all beings, embracing the uniqueness and complexities of each student. A welcoming space for all.