Louis Jackson

Yoga Instructor

A masterful yogi since 1995, Louis is also a "renaissance man" energized by creative ideas and beaming with character and charisma. A thinker, solo-performance artist, and Stanford graduate of history, Louis describes himself as a modern Hatha Yogi who weds biomechanics with tradition to mine the jewels of this ancient craft. Staying connected to the north and east Indian Yogis he traces his roots to, Louis offers new models for how to build practices with Patanjali's blueprint, the Yoga Sutras. His goal is to inspire a deep curiosity in human breathing and movement both physical and, more important, mental. In the laboratory of his classroom, learn experiments that challenge you to fly and to "sit with yourself" as his current mentor, Anirudh Shastri says - every moment of the day. Building on 18 years of personal practice, Louis stands on the shoulders of three more great influences: Senior Iyengar Master Ben Thomas; Yoga Tune Up Creator Jill Miller; and acknowledged Shadow Yoga Instructor Mark Horner. Come practice with Louis and divine the divine.