Lindsay Amrein

Yoga Instructor

“I like to think my Yoga inspires those who aspire to live the Dharma.” Lindsay Jane has been practicing Yoga since 2003, and is a teacher of Yoga since 2007. Her interest in Yoga was born of her fascination with the mind, our human potential and the transcendence of suffering. Her experiences working for non-profits as a mental health crisis counselor have further propelled her to seek real solutions to suffering and to help others find peace within. Drawing on decades of Yoga experience, a graduate education in Spiritual Psychology and years of continued study with a her current Guru -- a Tantric Buddhist Dharma Master, Lindsay Jane is able to offer accessible yoga and meditation training with cutting edge perspectives. Her Asana classes taught in the styles of Vinyasa (inspired by her teachers John Berg and Anirudh Shastri) and Yin (developed from her own self practice) help students discover edges and expand into them.