John Berg


John Berg is the humble "king" of SYC. Behind a quirky sense of humor there lurks a truly pure heart and giving spirit. A yoga teacher as well as a teacher of yoga teachers for many years, John's reputation precedes him as an unconventional yogi with a keen artistic sense and a child-like passion for yoga. Through SYC, John bravely steps outside the norm to breathe life into, perhaps, the biggest soul-bearing artistic chapter of his life. The gift of SYC, the manifestation of his long-held dream, John shares a modern healing center rooted in traditional yoga philosophy. At SYC music, light, spoken word and silence are used as media to create experiential pathways through yoga. The director of SYC's teacher training program, John teaches powerful classes alongside his dharma team and hosts concert-like free form yoga events, called "Night Karma" on a monthly basis. John credits his teachers, Iyengar legend, Ben Thomas, for his sound alignment and proper foundation. Erich Schiffmann and Max Strom, who both strongly influenced John's teaching style and approach.  His students find humor near their personal edges contrasting them with breath-infused moments of pause. He always leaves his students drifting effortlessly into Savasana. Enter the "Kingdom" of Samyama and experience an inner journey. Discover your own yoga... Ready for lift off?