Hillary Easom

Yoga Instructor

A mother and a gifted yogini, Hillary feels purpose in serving humanity. With people and in relationship Hillary is most alive. Since she was a child, Hillary has sought meaning and personal depth in all of her life endeavors. Graceful and grounded in her manner, Hillary speaks from her heart. She has a unique ability to recognize and draw forth inner beauty inspiring people through a down-to-earth radiance. While grateful for her Iyengar training which provided a solid technical foundation, Hillary finds peace in the gentle flowing yoga styles. Her practice has been influenced by several yogis including her mentor John Berg and Anirudh Shastri. It was Jane Austin who influenced her specialized prenatal teaching methods and Max Strom who inspired Hillary toward a more breath-centric approach in a recent teacher training intensive. Hillary shares the gifts of her heart with SYC as our sensitive, caring, and nurturing resident prenatal yoga instructor. In addition to prenatal yoga classes, Hillary offers slow flow Vinyasa classes at SYC. Content in her own life, Hillary attributes her fulfillment to the practice of yoga living a true "flow" practice off the mat.