Devin Begley

Treatment Specialist & Operations Staff

In additional to being SYC's Assistant Studio Manager, Devin is also a Specialist on SYC's Harmonic Resonance Therapy - a return to sound via auditory stimulation and felt vibration. Combining breath work, sounding, tibetan bowls, tuning forks, acutonics and a gong bath, Devin will guide you towards increased inner awareness, physical and emotional release, movement of energy, nitric oxide production, and sublime relaxation. Like yoga, lines of connection will be made as your natural healing ability is triggered and the mind-body merges with harmonic vibration.

Every treatment session is unique and orchestrated around your specific needs and intentions. You can utilize the experience to tap into the creative power of your subconscious and fully harness its limitless potential. For the adventurous, you can become a psychonaut, a sailor of the soul who explores the world within and begins to understand the mystery of the self. When the session concludes and the journey ends, the healing afterglow will remain with you as you revisit the experience again and again.