Devin Begley (Sound Therapy) - Devin combines breath work, sounding, tibetan bowls, tuning forks, acutonics and a gong bath to guide you towards increased inner awareness, physical and emotional release, movement of energy, nitric oxide production, and sublime relaxation. Like yoga, lines of connection will be made as your natural healing ability is triggered and the mind-body merges with harmonic vibration. You can utilize the experience of each unique session to tap into the creative power of your subconscious and harness its limitless potential.


Joanne Brohmer (Cranio Sacral & Reiki) - Joanne is a Reiki Master who offers Integrated Energy Therapy, Cranio Sacral Therapy and intuitive reading as powerful methods for supporting individuals as they access and activate their healing process. Joanne is also a certified yoga teacher and a certified Family Constellation Facilitator. She is grateful and excited to be able to offer this chance for healing to others. “I am,” she says, “here to wake up, love and help others wake up to their full human potential and to move beyond the ego’s limitations.”


Elizabeth Heath (Therapeutic Massage, Thai Massage and Shiatsu) has been a massage therapist since 2002 and has over 2500 hours of training in therapeutic massage, Thai massage, Shiatsu, aesthetics and spa training. Her therapeutic work is inspired by Esalen and Lomi Lomi techniques and features long, strong runs along the length of the muscle fiber. Elizabeth’s Thai and Shiatsu work is structural, strong and profound. Thai Massage and Shiatsu and massage techniques experienced fully clothed and on a floor mat rather than a table. Thai Massage feels as though one is ‘receiving yoga’ as the body is stretched and counter balanced. Shiatsu is a pressure point massage based on the principles of acupuncture. Less dynamic and more passive that Thai Massage work, Shiatsu relaxes and releases the grip of tension.


Martha Mank (Cupping and Pregnancy & Postpartum Massage) - a massage therapist since 2014, Martha has sought out training in a variety of techniques, and has more than 1000 hours of training in massage. Specializing in cupping massage as well as prenatal/postpartum massage, she focuses on soothing the nervous system. This is particularly important to Martha, as her CIDESCO thesis paper concentrated on the power of massage for mental health. Mental health holds a special place in Martha’s life, as she is a psychology major at Notre Dame de Namur University. Combining a dedication to mental well-being and the relief of muscular tension and adhesions, Martha’s practice is dynamic and thoughtful.


Price starts at $75 for 45 minutes.